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big news everybody!

last week i agreed to a web syndication deal with United Media.

here's the details:

- on april 25th boasas will begin appearing every monday, wednesday and friday on comics.com at this address.
- it will be in a NEW, newspaper friendly size.
- i will still publish the comics at regular old boasas.com, but with a delay of a few days. comics.com gets first dibs.

that's pretty much it, but i'll back up and tell you how it happened.

basically, i was recruited by ted rall. ted is the head of acquisitions and development at Unitied Media (UM). ted is also a a prolific cartoonist, author and columnist. the guy stays busy. you should google him.

i first met ted through my involvement in his compilation book "Attitude 3: The New Subversive Online Cartoonists". this is how i know he cares about comics and respects cartoonists of all kind.

for this reason, it was very easy for me to work with him and UM.

not to mention this is an great way to expose boasas to a wider audience and, who knows, maybe they'll offer me a "real" syndication deal in a year. or maybe they won't. you can't predict this sort of thing.

one thing i can predict is that i'll be drawing comics for many years to come.

anyway, i hope you'll migrate your eyeballs over to comics.com on the 25th. and if you feel the urge, tell your friends about boasas. you could even mention boasas on your blog or party line. the more people reading boasas on comics.com the better (FOR ME).

i only ask one thing...

that is- long-time readers will overlook any "re-runs" in the first few weeks on comics.com. i was a little nervous about the new dimensions. "re-imagining" ideas from the archive allowed me to wade into the water slowly. also, it allowed me to publish some classics to get new readers up to speed. personally, i love the new size. i hope you do too.

comment or e-mail me if you have any questions.
  • Great news!

    Congratulations. I'm so thrilled to see some of the comic artists I love, and that have been working hard for years, getting mainstream recognition. Well done.
    This really must be the year that web comics go big.
  • congratulations, this is wonderful! i have been reading boasas for ages and you could draw the comic on pieces of driftwood, as long as you're still producing art.
  • Congratulations on this shocking turn of events. I really don't know what to say other than... congratulations!
  • Well done! That must be a dream come true :D
  • thanks you guys. i am really excited about it. this deal puts me a LITTLE BIT closer to drawing comics full time. which is basically my only dream in life.
  • Steven,

    That's crazy amazing!

    I always thought BOASAS would make sense as a newspaper strip. It's a pleasure to see that the syndicates might agree!

    It's been a very interesting year for web comics. This slow thaw in syndication circles is promising. Personally, I'm glad to see BOASAS help lead the charge!

    Congratulations! You deserve it!
    • wow, thank you tom! i agree, this is THE YEAR of webcomics.

      with all the amazing webcomics out there (Theater Hopper for one), i think announcements like this will be common in the near future.
  • Congratulations!
  • Congratulations! That's awesome!
  • Congrats! I've been reading your comic for eons now, and I find myself sending the link to someone almost every day. So good!

    I'm very, very happy for you!
  • Congratulations, Steven! What a nice opportunity. Rock it!
  • thank you everyone for the kind words! you're the best!
  • Congrats! I <3 BOASAS, and it's great to see you getting a larger audience!!!!! Good luck!
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